The ancient city of Syracuse was born from the ancient Greek Corinthians who are reputed to have founded the city on the small Sicilian island of Ortygia / Ortigia in the distant year of 733 B.C.

The beauty and splendour of this fascinating city was not lost on the ancient philosopher and writer Cicero who described Syracuse as "the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all".

The city has therefore always been a well-sought after location with it eventually entering into the hands of the Roman Empire and then the Byzantium Empire. Indeed the cultural and historic diversity and richness that this city offers has been internationally recognised by UNESCO who have designated Syracuse as a World Heritage Site in order to preserve the treasures it offers.

The Grande Albergo Alfeo is less than 5 minutes stroll from the enchanting island of Ortygia, the nucleus of Syracuse, and consequently within easy access to the charming restaurants and shops that are sprinkled amongst the historic monuments.

Of these the historic Cathedral of St Lucy in Syracuse is only around 15 minutes away and the hotel is also within easy reach of the fascinating Archaeological Museum and the ancient Temple of Apollo.


Syracuse is also home to the largest Catholic catacombs outside of Rome where you really get a sense of the depth of tangible history of the city.

Whether visiting the Grande Albergo Alfeo 4 star hotel for business or pleasure, you will be enraptured by the perfect positioning of the hotel and the beauty and elegance of one of the world's outstanding treasures.